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T he shot that killed Malcolm X in February as he stood on a podium in New York tore through his chest and resounded around the world. The harshness of his language: This week we'll have a few threads discussing the new Malcolm X bio by the late historian Manning Marable. Mary Chesnut's Civil War by C. He predicted to Haley that he probably wouldn't be around to see the publication of the autobiography, and he was right: He understood their yearnings and anticipated their actions," as Marable writes. That's a bit more credible, but I think given the fact that masculinity is often constructed in opposition to homosexuality, and given that many Malcolm's own acolytes have constructed it that way, the matter is quite relevant.

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Exploration and Empire:

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For those of us who always thought Malcolm X's assassination, as with King's, had everything to do with J. Yet these criticisms raise important points about historical research methods. Asian Voices.

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From Malcolm X:

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