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Even after washing off, your southern regions will feel slick for a day or so. The brilliance of Crisco is that most expensive fisting lubes on the market today all more or less copy the old-school original — a simple vegetable shortening sold for a few dollars at every grocery store. Swiss Navy Water-Based Lube. Many sex toys are made of silicone. I have used this ridiculously cheap, all-natural hair product for relaxed toy play several times. Vaseline is pure petroleum jelly.

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If you douche in the shower, as many guys do, you will need to use a silicone or oil-based lube that will not wash off with water or a good, unscented hair conditioner made of natural oils.

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30 Liquid Assets Every Gay Man Should Know

You will at least need to use something because, unlike the vagina, the ass does not produce its own natural lubricant, and sex will be miserable without it. Astroglide is one of the easier brands to find in stores — most pharmacy chains carry it. Its bullet-like shape almost begs to go up the butt do so cautiously. You should avoid oil-based lubes if you use latex condoms. Your local novelty store probably has an assortment of Swiss Navy lubes. Another water-silicone hybrid, Wet Silk claims to leave your skin feeling extremely soft after use, and it does. Pjur Back Door, as its name suggests, is designed for use in the butt.

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For the amount you use, olive oil is certainly not the cheapest lubricant, but if you start getting hot and sweaty with a guy in the kitchen, forget the salad dressing — your olive oil will be put to better use elsewhere. As a sex-enhancing liquid, poppers deserve a mention on this list, although they are not — and should not be used for — anal lube. Known for its thick consistency and odorlessness, Elbow Grease was first released in the late '70s. Silicone lube stains sheets and lingers on door handles and shower knobs for a week, so wash your hands with soap and water before touching everything in your bathroom. On the occasions that someone has peed in my ass, for instance, I simply released it as if it was water, and nothing was slicker as a result. The lube will dry, leaving the plug firmly in place. Water-based lubes are notorious for drying out, while silicone lasts forever — and Pjur Back Door silicone lube is no exception.

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