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I really like James, he seem like he has a good heart. Chelsia is definitely going to be pissed about that stuff, but she is a crazy girl in her own right. Right on the heels of Orlando Bloom's act of… Mystery meat — Up shorts Don't you love it when hot guys go commando in baggy shorts -- and you can see all of his… Mentally undress Nick Jonas If only These two crazy bitches give all of us decent and normal women a bad name! But give the guy a break. If your rolling around in dirt your dirty. Doing gay porn is an entirely diffrent.

What ever happend to pride.

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But everyones human and everyone does things they regret. If your rolling around in dirt your dirty. Priyanka Chopra, the new Mrs. I wonder if Julie Chen has seen this? I am sure chelsia is going to throw up in her mouth when she hears about this. Wow you people are bitches judging him for with!! And yah its not the coolest thing to do to Chelsia.

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Maybe he liked it? The studio later cut all ties with him due to privacy concerns. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The funny thing is, the ones who are the real backstabbers and have manipulated everyone in the house, for some mental condition feel that the are saints! Being gay is one thing.