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Some activists attempted to integrate the predominantly white bars. There's definitely a big associate pool that I can pull from as far as friends who are gay. They were refused entry at the door and forced to show multiple forms of ID, while white gays and lesbians simply walked right on inside. We can get HIV. Actually, the same thing for myself. But a lot of the people who on my campus, they identify with gay but they are not open.

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Being African American & LGBTQ: An Introduction

How can places we find as relaxing and fun be harnessed for political ends by others? It was okay to come to meetings and it's okay to club and it was okay if it - everything that happened in the dark and everything that happen at night or things that happen - we could talk on campus as long as no one else knew. I would say no, it definitely wouldn't have happened in my era. And you will be the boss on campus next year, president of the entire student body. But when we got behind closed doors, we clowned and we act - we just let it all hang out, basically. And we actually, you know, go out to speak to college students and telling my own story, being HIV-positive.

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How are you doing? What do you mean by not prepared for everything? There's plenty of people. This was especially important at the outbreak of AIDS, when channels of communication across communities proved vital in efforts to curtail the crisis. King's alma mater, Morehouse in Atlanta. I just didn't know what would happen, how people would see me.

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