Arguements for gay marraiges being legal

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Same-sex marriage in the U. Supreme Court on June 26, The ruling is stayed and appealed the following day. Tech Innovate Gadget Mission: July 18, - The Supreme Court grants Utah's request for a delay in recognizing same-sex marriages performed in late and early

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Same-sex marriage has already been legalised in 23 countries around the worldinhabited by more than million people.

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5 facts about same-sex marriage

There is no civil rights discrimination being practiced against a youngster who is not allowed the identity of a college student because she is not qualified to enter college. Those who want church weddings can have them, but marriage is a matter of civil law. Therefore, Same-sex marriage becomes legal in those states. Same-sex marriage becomes legal in Washington the following day. At this important moment in the U. The question behind marriage, in other words, is a structural one that precedes lawmaking.

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On March 1,Maryland Gov. The mental health benefits of marriage generally are well-documented. It unambiguously summed up its stance on the issue of whether or not same-sex parenting negatively impacts children:. July 23, - A federal judge rules that Colorado's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. The benefits accrue to society as a whole, whether you are in a same-sex relationship or not. Which means henceforth that there will be no legal basis for restrictions against a homosexual couple obtaining children in any way they choose, for such restrictions would constitute discrimination.

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