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There is much more control at the beach compared to a dog park. No one seemed to mind except he SPCA. It appears obvious from statements by Cesar Millan-who advocates seeking other professional help-of no specific viewpoint that he has a wide perspective on training. I love my son Andre but I have to lead this guy. A mobile phone game called "My Dog Coach: So Millan not being a member of ABS is meaningless, because he wouldn't need to be a member, any more than he would need to be a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Current Members:

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Expertise does NOT require a college degree or certification to be called expertise.

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Certification does not constitute a guarantee that the applicant. The previous edits had a good balance of both the "positive" and "negative". Put yourself in the shoes or others—how would you feel if you had people judging you on information that is rumor? Regards -- Emongeca7 talk

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