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This disagreement cannot be fully explained either by the difference in time windows in which the samples were collected or by the fact that comScore also included minors. MySpace is equipped with a formatting template and standardized choices that users may employ to display this information. It frequently mentions acts such as premarital sex, incest and bestiality. Remember, they had no concept of same gender relationships as we do today. In the 15th century, Copernicus argued that the earth revolved around the sun. Here Paul refers to sexual acts between people of the same gender as "shameful," "unnatural" and perverted.

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It just simply doesn't say that.

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The protocol consisted of 67 items and specified codes for several broad categories of information including: She contacted Pokin to share Meier's story with him. Meier and "Josh" became online friends, but never met in person or spoke. But even if you don't, I will still be blessed. The adult users analyzed in this study employed strategies to protect their contact information without hiding some characteristics of their personal identity. In fact, Yale professor, Wayne Meeks describes homosexuality as a modern gender understanding. The girls soon turned on Megan and the bullying got even worse than before.

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The parent, Lori Drew, who created the fake accountadmitted that she and her daughter had the password to the account, and characterized the hoax to a reporter as a "joke". It was more than a year between Meier's suicide and the first media report of the Internet hoax. Required information incorporated into the protocol included gender and user name. Therefore, sodomy was a crime committed against 'non-gay' men… by 'non-gay' men. In addition, they did not want to be considered "non-male. Are all of these Bibles percent correct? The protocol coders noted the number of comments posted and the date the last comment was posted.

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