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Retrieved 26 October This is a quote from Salman Rushdie, though, not mine. Though his aquiline nose, flinty eyes and deep olive complexion gave him a Latino or vaguely Oriental look, few of his many millions of fans ever guessed they were hero-worshipping the first Asian pop star. Simon and Schuster. Let's put it this way: Among his sartorial choices were leotards, angel-wing cloaks, tight shorts, and leather or PVC attire that evoked a biker image then popular in gay nightclubs. Parsee or Parsi itself signifies that he is of Iranian descent, with ancestors practicing the Zoroastrianism.

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Let's face it, popular singers can do things that opera singers can't.

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The Kenny Everett Storyfirst broadcast in October But I am suprised, how many differences in dates and names one can find in those two versions. The best thing to say is that he was a Parsi or Indian Parsi, or whatever. Irani is commonly used as a synonym for Parsi in India, and is a relatively common Parsi surname in India.

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