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Coz in reality they are his Odd Parents. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Of course he wishes for fun and adventure every episode. Stewie - Family Guy - He is atleast Bi lol. The image of the Austin Powers-like Wanda was burned within his brain. One could argue that there were much more deserving Tom Jones fans than Timmy who could have benefitted better from Parents, such as Timmy's friends; Chester, who is white trash, or AJ, who has the handicap of being black.

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No, that wasn't the word

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However there's a complex and possibly significant page history at the destination following an earlier fork and re-merge Cosmo and Wanda burst into the picture to help Timmy. I thought Mr. No, that wasn't the word

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I dont know about you but I would wish for Jessica Simpson as my love slave.

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