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Conclusion My opponent does not contest most of my points: If she is implying that boycotts combat my "economic pragmatism" argument, then she's flat wrong. Find a local business. Her friend lives in Houston, where last fall its City Council adopted a wide-ranging nondiscrimination ordinance that included protections for transgender people using restrooms based on gender identity. It also protects their dignity, but I digress.

cons transgender bathroom ordinance
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Thus I believe they should have this privilege even within private businesses.

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Conclusion I've demonstrated that I am not playing some kind of semantics game. Many European countries are open about sex and do not stigmatize social nudity [2]. Your full name is required. If the discrimination and violence is prevalent where it is already legal, there is no reason to believe it will suddenly be decreased in other areas where it is not.

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This situation could become far more uncomfortable for many than allowing transgender individuals to use the bathroom of their gender identity.

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