Con of gay marriages

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Thus, proposals to legalize multiple-partner marriage should be considered separately from legislations with regards to single-partner marriage. You cannot just kill anyone because you want to. Conclusion The topic of gay marriage is a very heated and sensitive one, where people are having different views that will not likely change under certain circumstances. Therefore, liberty is freedom bound to the constraints of the law. When gay couples have a baby, whether it is through adoption or insemination, that child is wanted beyond belief. We have seen how African-Americans, women, and other minorities of the population have legally been granted rights, but are still shunned socially. Benefits of School Uniforms.

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Should society ban or restrict the sale and use of violent video games?

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9 Advantages and Disadvantages of Gay Marriage

Legalizing gay marriage would not physically hurt anyone. Those parents are going to be committed as parents and fully prepared to bring that baby into this world. Gay marriages reduce divorce rates When the before and after divorce statistics were analyzed, it was observed that after a state made gay marriages legal, the divorce rates of that state were lowered significantly. Marriage is defined as one man and one woman. As divisive as this topic is, the court of public opinion is slowly coming around. Considering that heterosexual couples get married, proponents see no reason why gay couples should not get that same privilege. Same sex marriage is very divisive topic which generate a lot of debates.

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There are many moral, legal and biological aspects of gay marriage, and from these perspectives arise several pros and cons. Likewise, the states where gay marriages are prohibited had higher divorce rates. Same goes for girls living with two-male parents. Let that sink in. Homosexuality is a behavior, a choice. But as for raising children? Now that gay people can get married, they can enjoy this benefit of longevity and health.

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