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Oh, dear. At the time I found myself hoping and wishing that he'd stick with theater if possible, where it seemed he'd found a place to exist and grow peacefully and still use what skills he has for good. She worried about losing face. To Aaron, I say you go get it gurl But I do wonder what happened to his "personal photographer". My niece is pretty and single and just joined the Weight Watchers. Did Muriel redline Aaron?!

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I'm increasingly feeling he's the male version of all those messy, bi-for-attention female celebs.

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R Lindsay Lohan is certainly not short of yachting jobs despite looking like a bloated 4 day old corpse. But if something like childhood abuse happens, perhaps the trauma puts them off one gender. R, I wonder which gym. Six hustlers have revealed how they have been financially affected by the federal shut down of a popular New York-based male escort site that allowed potential clients to contact them directly.

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He got fucked by old gross freakishly ugly men as a teenage boy.

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