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Obviously, I would have to find someone new. He seemed to think that attending Pride festivities would cure all that ails me. I saw a gay therapist once whose approach was a little too New Age for my liking. But I do think it could be really helpful, especially if you are fairly young, to have a gay therapist, all things being equal. Totally depends on the therapist and what you, the patient, are comfortable. The sexual orientation of your therapist is not important. Happened that she was a gay woman.

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Yet when I called her and told her I wanted to come back in, because it was dawning on me that I am bisexual, not straight, she said, "Well wait a second, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

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Should a gay man have a gay male therapist?

By far, the best one was the lesbian I think because I knew on some level she related to me. Later had a gay man who wasn't really very effective. I am in a conservative small town and I really need to know. She helped me a lot living my sexuality the way I wanted and is probably the only person who can see through my bullshits and tell me to piss off when needed. I'm much, much more happy than I was before starting this therapy. Sorry that was so long.

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What would be weird is if your therapist didn't ask you that question. By far, the best one was the lesbian I think because I knew on some level she related to me. This will almost always include plans to have children. If you know someone who is very happy with their therapist, ask for their name. A therapist isn't likely to be hot. While having a gay therapist can indeed be a plus for a gay patient, what is really important is finding the right therapist for you. Any therapist, gay or straight, treating any partnered patient, gay or straight, is likely to ask basic family background questions.

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